CEO Sees Innovation as a Solution to Plastic Pollution

When Jeff Gold founded Nexus Fuels (now Nexus Circular) in 2018, he was no greenhorn in environmental services—he first entered the field in the ’80s. “The whole idea here, at least from my perspective, was to do something that… Read Full Article

Founder Jeff Gold of Nexus Fuels on “Atlanta Startup Podcast”

After spending a decade to perfect their process, Atlanta based Nexus Fuels has solidified a profitable and environmentally sustainable way to recycle plastics by converting them back into oil. Led by industry veteran Jeff Gold, Nexus has produced about 300K gallons of oil and diverted more than 2.7M lbs of plastic from landfills. Jeff joins […]

Nexus Reports Unprecedented Momentum with 177% Year over Year Production Growth at Commercial Scale

The world’s leading circular waste-to-virgin plastics solution further solidifies its proven leadership position globally, within the advanced recycling industry Nexus, ( the leading circular waste-to-virgin plastics recycler, announced today 177% YoY production growth and rapid cadence with 47% of its total production occurring in recent months. The company’s process is 100% circular, meaning the waste-to-virgin […]

The Chemical Recycling Posse: The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

Nexus Fuels: Real numbers and a low profile. Aside from Agilyx’s achievements — PlasticsToday ran an update on progress it has made at its Oregon facility — there is another success story I’ve been made aware of: Nexus Fuels in Atlanta. Nexus’ President and co-founder Eric Hartz has always been forthcoming on the company’s progress using real numbers, while keeping […]

Cushman & Wakefield Retained by Nexus Fuels for Multi-Site Selection

Waste to Virgin Plastics Company Pursuing Expansion Plans Across Globe ATLANTA, June 08, 2021 – Cushman & Wakefield announced today that the commercial real estate services firm has been retained by Nexus Fuels, an Atlanta-based waste to virgin plastics company, for site selection services across the globe as part of their expansion plans.… Read More

Earth911 Podcast: Nexus Fuels’ Jeff Gold on Molecular Plastic Recycling

Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with Jeff Gold, founder and CEO of Altanta-based Nexus Fuels, which processes 50 tons of plastic daily using molecular recycling that breaks the material down into the basic elements of hydrocarbon found in oil so it can be reused in new plastic. It’s the leading edge of chemical technologies for creating a […]

Are Chemical Recycling Claims Sometimes Misleading? Yes and No . . . But Mostly, Yes

On Sunday, March 22, John Oliver did an in-depth piece on HBO’s Last Week Tonight devoted to waste plastics recycling. He highlighted correctly the challenges of handling plastics labeled with resin identification codes 1 to 7, which is complicated for consumers. However, his point — illustrated by “chasing arrows” — that no scaled solution exists for most plastics is inaccurate. […]

Nexus Fuels turns plastic back to oil. With the help of Cox Enterprises, it’s ready to scale.

When Jeff Gold started Nexus Fuels, he measured success in oil droplets.   He was researching a way to use a thermo-chemical recycling process in order to convert certain plastics back into oil, which can then make more plastics. During lab testing, producing 16 drops of clean, usable oil felt like a success.  More than a decade into perfecting the process, the […]