[A Nexus Series] Faces of Nexus: Empowering Change from Within

Meet Sisco Alvarez, Trainer: A Nexus Circular Trailblazer

Welcome to another edition of “Faces of Nexus: Empowering Change from Within” where we proudly shine a spotlight on Sisco, whose career path through Nexus mirrors the organization’s evolution from modest origins to a commercial leader in advanced recycling. 

Defining Moments of Nexus  

In the early days of Nexus, Sisco collaborated with a multifaceted team responsible for tasks ranging from equipment maintenance to feedstock sorting to engineering support. Sisco’s innovation-oriented mindset underscores his contributions to Nexus, especially his role in synchronizing the front end of the system with the reactors—an intricate feat necessitating extensive experimentation and meticulous fine-tuning. He has also spearheaded efficiency-enhancing initiatives, such as streamlining solids removal from the reactors to improve operational efficiency. 

Over time, his role evolved into an accomplished trainer specializing in Human Machine Interface (HMI),  Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), and HR training. His commitment to nurturing employee growth and empowerment ensures each team member receives indispensable training and possesses the acumen to excel.  

Emergence of a Catalyst 

An aspect of Sisco’s role that resonated profoundly is his capacity to inspire and uplift colleagues. As a  trainer, he derives immense satisfaction in acclimating new hires in their roles and fostering their personal development. Observing the development of a cohesive, efficient team that seamlessly operates across shifts fills Sisco with a sense of accomplishment. By cultivating a positive workspace and nurturing ingenuity, Sisco believes employees can attain their fullest potential, thereby catalyzing ongoing success for the company. 

Sisco also treasured the light-hearted moments that forged team bonds, helping to transform Nexus into a cohesive community. He fondly reminisces about discovering unexpected treasures amidst post-use plastic feedstock, such as brand-new wallets and purses.  

Resilience in the Face of Challenges 

Sisco epitomizes resilience and composure in the face of challenges. His steadfast resolve and ability to maintain an optimistic perspective enables him to motivate his team to persevere and constantly improve. 

He also acknowledges the support provided by Joe Huff, VP of Operations, who invested time in his professional development. This serves as a testament to Nexus’ dedication to a culture that fosters employee growth and sustains a shared journey toward collective success. 

Sisco’s journey within Nexus serves as reminder of the unwavering commitment, resilience, and fervor of our Trailblazers, driving our purpose to accelerate circularity so people and the environment thrive.

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Jodie Morgan


Jodie Morgan


Jodie brings over 30 years of manufacturing leadership experience, having built and led 5 companies as CEO/President and 3 of those companies with an ESG focus.

Prior to joining Nexus Circular, Jodie served as the CEO of GreenMantra Technologies, a privately-held early- stage advanced recycler of waste plastics to specialty waxes. Previously, she was President of Pinova, a PE-backed manufacturer of specialty chemicals from renewable resources.

Currently she serves on the board of Bartek Ingredients and Nexus Circular and has previously served on the board of NanoXplore (TSX), Pinova Holdings, and Getec Industrial S/A

Jodie earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware and holds an MBA in Finance from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.