Welcome to nexus 

Welcome to nexus 

nexus FUELS, LLC is a waste management and energy production company that has developed a commercial-scale process (Nexus Technology) for converting waste plastics into feedstocks for plastics production and fuels, which can be further refined into a full range of products. Nexus can dispose of clean plastics numbered 2 ♴(HDPE), 4 ♶(LDPE), 5 ♷(PP) and 6 ♸(PS). Contact Us about recycling your waste plastic or if you would like more details about our products!
nexus uses its proprietary Nexus Technology to convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into feedstocks collectively called nexus ENERGY – broad-spectrum feedstocks converted back into virgin plastics (fully circular) and high grade fuels composed of gasoline, kerosene, diesel, heavy oils, and waxes. Nexus technology uses thermal depolymerization (pyrolysis) to break long-chain hydrocarbons into smaller chains. nexus has perfected the technology to create a highly efficient and economic system providing low-cost, environmentally friendly products for our customers.






News / Press

CEO Sees Innovation as a Solution to Plastic Pollution

When Jeff Gold founded Nexus Fuels (now Nexus Circular) in 2018, he was no greenhorn in environmental services—he first entered the field in the ’80s.

Founder Jeff Gold of Nexus Fuels on “Atlanta Startup Podcast”

After spending a decade to perfect their process, Atlanta based Nexus Fuels has solidified a profitable and environmentally sustainable way to recycle plastics by converting t ...

Nexus Reports Unprecedented Momentum with 177% Year over Year Production Growth at Commercial Scale

The world’s leading circular waste-to-virgin plastics solution further solidifies its proven leadership position globally, within the advanced recycling industry

The Chemical Recycling Posse: The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

Nexus Fuels: Real numbers and a low profile. Aside from Agilyx’s achievements — PlasticsToday

Cushman & Wakefield Retained by Nexus Fuels for Multi-Site Selection

Waste to Virgin Plastics Company Pursuing Expansion Plans Across Globe ATLANTA, June 08, 2021 – Cushman & Wakefield announced today that the commercial real estate servi ...

Jeff Gold of Nexus: Five Strategies Our Company Is Using To Tackle Climate Change & Become More Sustainable

As part of my series about companies who are helping to battle climate change, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Gold.

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