[A Nexus Series] Faces of Nexus: Empowering Change from Within

Within Meet Craig Hudgins: Automation Engineer, A Nexus Circular Trailblazer

In this Faces of Nexus highlight, we introduce Craig Hudgins, an Automation Engineer, whose career has been underscored by commitment, dedication, and continuous growth. From hands-on experience with building the first commercial line to developing innovative automation systems, Craig has played an integral role in Nexus’ early progress and success. 

A Journey of Purpose 

Craig’s decision to join Nexus was driven by the opportunity to be part of something transformative. The combination of a groundbreaking mission and the potential for personal and professional growth resonated deeply with Craig, providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment in his work. 

“The idea of starting at the ground level with something new resonated with me. This seemed like a great idea that could have a significant impact. And being able to see it grow and to be a part of  that growth drew me in; I wanted to be part of something that could be huge.” 

Adapting and Innovating  

Craig became part of the Nexus team during the construction of the first commercial production line. At that time, the small team was directly involved in building the line, working tirelessly to turn their vision into reality.  

“We went from building the first line, turning wrenches and getting everything ready, to learning  the system, figuring out what worked and what didn’t, and then innovating on the spot to fix things  to make it work.”  

As he gained invaluable experience and knowledge of the facility’s operations, his role evolved to an  Automation Engineer. Today Craig crafts the logic that drives and connects Nexus’s machinery and processes. Every day, he immerses himself in the development of the human-machine interface (HMI),  the crucial bridge that enables operators to seamlessly engage with and control the facility’s equipment.  His work harnesses the power of automation to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of Nexus’  advanced recycling technology. 

“I’m proud of where we are today, being able to make this first commercial line run the way it does. There were only a few of us at the start, but we were able to bring it to a stage where it could grow it. Our investors recognized what we had achieved and believed in us.”  

The team’s dedication, determination, and ingenuity set the foundation for the efficient scaling of future production lines. 

Embracing Challenges as Growth Opportunities 

In the pursuit of success, Craig acknowledges that challenges are inevitable, and he and his team embraced these as opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement. Their resilience and adaptability have been instrumental in driving Nexus forward. The supportive and collaborative culture stems from the collective dedication and shared commitment to Nexus’ purpose to accelerate circularity so people and the environment thrive. 

What Craig enjoys most about working at Nexus is the opportunity for continual learning and personal development. Nexus’ culture of innovation ensures that there is always room for exploration. In his six years with the company, he has experienced both personal and professional growth and has been inspired by the constant pursuit of knowledge and improvement. Craig appreciates that each day brings new challenges and opportunities, never allowing him to settle into a mundane routine. 

The Power of Persistence and Belief 

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring professionals or those considering joining Nexus, Craig emphasizes the importance of persistence. He would tell his previous self: 

“Stick with it, it will be worth it. We’ve come a long way. It’s a lot of learning, invested time and  effort, but it’s worth it.”  

Craig’s journey at Nexus Circular is a testament to the power of belief in and commitment to the vision of creating a sustainable future.

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Jodie Morgan


Jodie Morgan


Jodie brings over 30 years of manufacturing leadership experience, having built and led 5 companies as CEO/President and 3 of those companies with an ESG focus.

Prior to joining Nexus Circular, Jodie served as the CEO of GreenMantra Technologies, a privately-held early- stage advanced recycler of waste plastics to specialty waxes. Previously, she was President of Pinova, a PE-backed manufacturer of specialty chemicals from renewable resources.

Currently she serves on the board of Bartek Ingredients and Nexus Circular and has previously served on the board of NanoXplore (TSX), Pinova Holdings, and Getec Industrial S/A

Jodie earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware and holds an MBA in Finance from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.