The Big Difference Small Businesses Make: A Nexus Circular Community Initiative

On the northwest side of Atlanta’s vibrant community lies a strip shopping center bustling with mom-and-pop businesses, each contributing to the unique tapestry of our city. Recently, a cool collaboration emerged between these businesses and Nexus Circular, driven by a shared commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

It all started when an engaged parent, Gray McCalley, passionate about recycling and, as it happens, working with Nexus Circular as its General Counsel was approached by his daughter,  who works at a baby shop within the center. Her observation: Incoming baby clothes are packaged in flexible plastic film to keep them clean and dry during shipment. Her question:  Could Nexus Circular process this plastic packaging which, since normal recyclers can’t handle it, was otherwise destined for the dumpster? Nexus Circular’s answer was a resounding: “Yes!” 

Nexus Circular was founded in 2008 to offer recycling solutions for plastics not able to be handled by the traditional recycling infrastructure. Nexus commissioned its commercial recycling production facility in 2018 in Atlanta and specializes in recycling “hard-to-recycle” plastic films and flexible packaging into new materials, having diverted millions of pounds from landfills to date.  

Armed with this knowledge, Gray and his daughter, Lizzie White, met with Chaffee and Dave from Baby Braithwaite, who eagerly embraced the idea of diverting this plastic packaging from landfills. A blue recycling bin was purchased, signaling the beginning of a meaningful partnership. But why stop there? 

Recognizing the potential for a wider impact, our champion for advanced recycling approached neighboring businesses — West Stride, a running store; Lake, a pajamas boutique; Hand in Pocket, a women’s clothier; and H. Stockton, a men’s clothier, all of which, as it happens, are women-owned (except the men’s haberdasher…), a nice congruence since Nexus’ CEO is a woman. Similar to Baby Braithwaite, these retailers receive their apparel in plastic packaging and are equally enthusiastic about joining the recycling initiative. 

Every ten days or so, a dedicated effort ensues as Nexus’ General Counsel or his daughter visits the shops to collect the plastic packaging – sort of a family activity. 

The response from the community has been inspiring. Business owners and customers alike,  spanning generations, express genuine appreciation for the opportunity to contribute to a greener future. As Ashton Greene of H. Stockton said, “It’s a great effort, and gives hope in a landscape  where it often seems futile.” 

In this collaborative effort, Nexus Circular and small businesses not only champion sustainability but also demonstrate the profound impact that small actions can have on our environment and community well-being. Together, we’re not just recycling material—we’re fostering a culture of sustainability and helping our local community thrive.

All made possible by Gray McCalley, General Counsel at Nexus Circular and the recycling
efforts of these shop owners:

Chaffee Heilman from Baby Braithwaite

Ashton Greene of H. Stockton

Mona Ariza from Hand in Pocket Boutique

Jessica Williams from Lake

Lizzy McCadd and owner Genie Beaver

from West Stride

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Jodie Morgan


Jodie Morgan


Jodie brings over 30 years of manufacturing leadership experience, having built and led 5 companies as CEO/President and 3 of those companies with an ESG focus.

Prior to joining Nexus Circular, Jodie served as the CEO of GreenMantra Technologies, a privately-held early- stage advanced recycler of waste plastics to specialty waxes. Previously, she was President of Pinova, a PE-backed manufacturer of specialty chemicals from renewable resources.

Currently she serves on the board of Bartek Ingredients and Nexus Circular and has previously served on the board of NanoXplore (TSX), Pinova Holdings, and Getec Industrial S/A

Jodie earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware and holds an MBA in Finance from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.