Nexus Circular achieves another waste-to-virgin plastics milestone as subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC invests to accelerate global growth

Nexus maintains leadership within industry while deepening relationship with key collaborator

Nexus Circular (Nexus), the leading circular waste-to-virgin plastics recycler, announced today a meaningful investment from Six Pines Investments LLC (“Six Pines”), a subsidiary of Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC (“CPChem”). In an effort to meet outsized demand for circular plastics made from waste, Nexus has continued to ramp production at its Atlanta commercial plant to a record-setting > 4.5 million lbs. (2 million kilos) of consistent, ISCC Plus certified output produced and sold to clients who create virgin, recycled-content, resins for their customers. CPChem, a leader in production of such resins in the US, has identified Nexus as an important collaborator in reaching its ambitious goal of 1 billion pounds of circular polyethylene by 2030. Six Pines’ meaningful investment in Nexus is an important step in meeting this goal and in accelerating the transition to a circular economy for plastics.

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