• Commercial scale, and scalable 50 Ton-per-day plant running, producing, and distributing significant volumes
  • Supporting software systems created, owned by Nexus provides automation efficiencies for current/future operations
  • Broad-range of feedstock sourced and stockpiled (Nexus system tolerates contamination)
  • Environmental permits in place; Federal, State, and Local given Nexus’ closed-loop technology-de minimis footprint.
  • Expanding group of committed, satisfied off-take customers who use Nexus products made from landfill-bound plastics as repurposed fuels and chemical feedstock to manufacture virgin plastics – a truly circular solution.
  • On-site quality control laboratory focused on testing potential feedstock, process monitoring, and ensuring product quality
  • Established in-house workshop for maintenance, repairs and rapid design/implementation of innovative solutions
  • Dedicated/trained cross-functional team and plant operators positioned to grow current operation, Nexus works with partners to operate plants together and train employees
  • Extensive vetted list of vendors and suppliers for rapid roll-out of follow-on operations – including all in-house design elements and “institutional” knowledge
  • Competence across key functions in training, HR, legal, finance, regulatory, safety, and other critical activities for rapid scaling
  • Strong reputation among partners, vendors, operators, and other supporting internal and external entities

Nexus Circular LLC, stands at forefront of an important part of an environmentally friendly economic engine. Waste can be reclaimed and then successfully converted back into virgin plastics (100% circular).