Nexus Fuels turns plastic back to oil. With the help of Cox Enterprises, it’s ready to scale.

When Jeff Gold started Nexus Fuels, he measured success in oil droplets.  

He was researching a way to use a thermo-chemical recycling process in order to convert certain plastics back into oil, which can then make more plastics. During lab testing, producing 16 drops of clean, usable oil felt like a success. 

More than a decade into perfecting the process, the Nexus Fuels plant is now a commercial operation that has produced about 310,000 gallons of oil and diverted more than 2.7 million pounds of plastic from the landfill.  

“It’s truly circular,” Gold said. “It can go around endlessly.” 

Investments from Cox Enterprises’ Cleantech initiative, a branch of the private Atlanta company focused on advancing innovation in companies helping the environment, made the first commercial plant possible.


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